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Woolcombing Part 1 - by Amanda Hannaford

Please click the 'play' arrow in the centre of the box on the left to start the video clip. Parts 2-4 can be found on the YouTube website along with other clips on various spinning techniques.

Below are further small video clips to download from this page (most of them do not appear on YouTube). These clips are provided in two formats, the .wmv files will play on Windows Media Player, but are slightly larger files to download. If you have a slow connection you may be better to download the Real Media versions of the clips (.rm) these play with the free Real Player program, if you don't have this program already, you can get a free copy here!

Video Clip Download Links Clip Playing Time File Size Dowload Time at 56k Dowload Time at 1Mb
Longwool tools - .rm file 01:12 926kb 02:12 00:07
Longwool tools - .wmv file 01:12 3.06Mb 07:17 00:23
Flicking locks - .rm file 02:56 2.17Mb 05:14 00:16
Flicking locks - .wmv file 02:56 7.28Mb 17:23 00:56
Drafting locks - .rm file 02:04 1.15Mb 02:44 00:08
Drafting locks - .wmv file 02:04 5.14Mb 12:14 00:40
Spinning longwools - .rm file 02:24 1.73Mb 04:07 00:13
Spinning longwools - .wmv file 02:24 5.87Mb 13:58 00:45
Spinning Cotton-wool - .rm file 02:59 2.07Mb 04:55 00:16
Spinning Cotton Wool - .wmv file 02:59 7.08Mb 16:51 00:55
Carding and Rolling a Puni - .rm file 04:29 3.25Mb 07:44 00:25
Carding and Rolling a Puni - .wmv file 04:29 10.6Mb 25:14 01:22
Spinning Cotton Longdraw - .rm file 01:04 807Kb 01:55 00:06
Spinning Cotton Longdraw - .wmv file 01:04 2.69Mb 06:24 00:21

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